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Take your programming to next level

The first 15 minutes are free. Let's see if you like my lessons and personality.

Have you just finished coding Bootcamp? Do you want to get better faster? Maybe you can't understand some concepts or need help with the project.

PTSD Engineer is here to help you. With 7+ years as a professional developer, I know enough to make you dangerous.

Why tutoring other than buying classes?

  • I am focused on you
  • Get answers in real-time
  • Working with top developer
  • Practical challenges

Areas of expertise

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Ruby
  • Elixir
  • SQL
  • Elasticsearch
  • Performance
  • Testing applications
  • Preparing for code interviews


Individual - 60$/h
Group - 80$/h

The number of students limited

Not sure yet, let's talk on a free zoom call.

Book it below: